A hologram is made by sophisticated technology known as laser optics through the intricate and complex process called holographic recording with a aid of light from a specialized laser. When hologram is viewed from different angles under any type of natural or artificial light, it diffracts seven colors of the spectrum giving it an extraordinary visual appeal.
   All holograms offered by Rolland V. incorporate specialist and sophisticated visual images, requiring complex and expensive optical equipment and original and novel technologies for manufacture. The high quality origination provides considerable barriers to counterfeit due to inherent advancement of the holographic techniques. Visual features are designed using extremely unusual and tightly controlled origination techniques and expertly incorporated into the security image. They are specially designed to protect against image re-origination even by the well equipped secure laboratories. These features are also designed to provide obvious and memorable variable movement and image shifts to encourage public recognition and authentication.

   Our holograms are produced according to ISO 9001 standards - we can offer:

  •  self adhesive labels and self adhesive tamper evident labels- labels for manual or machine application; any attempt made to remove it from the surface where it has been affixed once will damage the hologram.
  •  hot-stamping foilsfor paper, plastic or foil like in case of banknotes or holograms on credit cards.

   Holograms are supplied in reel or sheet form.

   There is also possibility of applying additional security features on holograms in the form of serial numbering, bar code, logo of your company in black or transparent color.

   The unique range of optical effects offered makes it attractive and easily memorized by the costumers, but designed to be counterfeit-proof. Holograms applied on different products turn even simplest ones into high-security documents. The holographic device simultaneously helps to protect the integrity of your trademark whilst at the same time adds a new dimension to the product appearance.

   More and more organizations and companies are at present opting for security hologram to stop the problem of duplication and forgery, which are not only creating a loss of revenue but also bringing a negative name to the organizations. Internationally security hologram has been identified as the most economical weapon to fight against the problem of duplication or counterfeit

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